About Us.

The USRA (United Sim-Racing Association) started as a casual conversation between myself and an old friend that was also a fellow racing fan and iRacing enthusiast. “How cool would it be to run for a championship on here?” …but would anybody else actually come? On Christmas morning 2017 I decided talk was cheap and the USRA (formally XRS in its infancy stage) was created. Great, we’ve got a league….now what? Let’s pack it full of drivers and turn some laps, this league thing is simple. 

What we soon realized was that couldn’t be any further from the truth, and the learning process began. The first thing I realized was the amount of work and time it takes to establish a league that met my expectations and vision. This proved to be far more than what even I thought was possible but fully embraced the challenge. I told myself I was going to do whatever it took to promote a league that drivers wanted to be involved in, and carried my original mission statement of  "a brotherhood through racing”.

A couple weeks into the planning/recruiting phases I realized it would be impossible to do this alone and thankfully stumbled across a merry band of misfits in Jeff Pogo, Dan Dill, and Roger Muth. They may not have initially carried the same vision or enthusiasm about this little league that could as I did but the interest was there and soon enough we would all be working together to piece the first season of racing together along with the help from the aforementioned "old friend" Robert Duvendack. The first season was a learning experience which was battle tested through trial and error. We quickly learned what worked and what didn’t, but after 20 races we had created something truly special. 

We may not be the biggest kid on the block yet, but the results speak for themselves and we can confidently say that you will not find another league that has the passion, dedication, and motivation to bring the best possible racing experience week in and week out as the USRA does. We are a league that values our members and promotes a team atmosphere and encourages feedback from its members. Most importantly we promote a fun and competitive atmosphere while sticking to the original mission statement.

We are on the verge of our second season and have added an ALL NEW truck series (TNT) to the schedule starting in September of this year that will run concurrently with our B Class league (XRS).

Think you have what it takes to complete for a championship against our extremely talented group of drivers? Then click the apply now link below and prove it.