League Donations


many of our league members have expressed an interest in broadcasting next season. with that being said we are actively exploring broadcasters for our new cup series starting in september and need your help. while we the goal has always been to bring you a fee free league the cost of broadcasting has gone up exponentially over the last few seasons as iracing grows in popularity. with that being said we are asking for your help in funding this next step. you can donate whatever you would like and all proceeds will go directly to the league.

there are a couple options with donating. the first being for a $40.00 or more race sponsor will get you exclusive rights to name a race whatever you want (as long as its not derogatory) and will get a custom graphic made for the overlay. the second option is to just donate whatever you’re comfortable with and get a virtual hug and a handshake for supporting the cause and everything usra stands for.

we’re excited to explore this option in iracing again and hope you help us continue to take United Sim Racing Association to the next level. click the donate button above to help.

currently sponsored races