League Donations

The USRA administrators are dedicated to bringing you the best racing experience possible week in and week out. If you have spent a decent amount of time turning laps in other leagues you have probably noticed that some of the product out there is done very professional in regards to websites, broadcasting, purse races, and other details that make racing in a league much more immersive and fun. We are working hard coming up with new ideas to bring you that at every USRA event. As you can imagine, the more professional we get the bigger expense it is to those who have created the league. During our initial season that wrapped up at the end of June, I personally had racked up nearly $500.00 getting this league off the ground and the other admins had several hundreds of dollars invested as well. We want to take things to the next level in the near future but need your help in doing so. 

We value all of your opinions, suggestions, and thoughts on what we can do to make this league better and we are now asking for your help to fund the changes that we want to make to better your racing experience. 100% of donations are funneled directly back into the league to help pay for the fee's associated with it. Any donation helps and we thank you for making this league what has grown into and we all are looking forward to taking it to the next level in the coming seasons.


Thank you for your support